Skeneklubi 2019

Tähtituho's fourth demo released at Skeneklubi annual meeting 2019.

Tähtituho was invited to the beautiful city of Helsinki, to participate to the Skeneklubi annual meeting. The weather was starting to look like summer as we headed to the party place. It was a very hospitable club room, where a lot of friendly new faces were met, and beer was offered from the fridge. Tähtituho thanks Skeneklubi for the warm welcome and cold beer!

The demo itself was quite simple, as we have started to focus on fewer scenes. Even though time was limited, few improvements to the code base were made. Mainly we added textures, which was the main reason we made the whole demo. The demo finished in the shared 3rd place.

The pouët page for the party, check the other demos as well! Honorable mention to adapt and deepr, whose demo was once again the pinnacle of demoart!